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The concept of minimalist life is now developed and adapted in various mediums, one of which is home design and decoration. For some people who adhere to the minimalist concept, the house as a place to stay must be effective and efficient in its function and design.

The purpose of effective and efficient is to place items as needed that are functional or do not use excessive ornament without a clear function. According to them, this will improve the quality of life in daily activities. Besides, this simple design is also to anticipate the lack of land today.

The idea to make a house or apartment with minimal land, but the maximum can see from several examples available at 37+ AWESOME NARROW APARTMENT DESIGN IDEAS. Through multifunctional and straightforward design and decoration in one room makes a minimalist feel more pronounced.

As in the example image above, one room can use for all types of household matters. In the example, the model can see if the bedroom, family room, kitchen, and dining room are put together in a place that is not so spacious.

It adheres to the concept of optimizing narrow spaces and land. So that all functions in a house can be applied. By using an attractive design and excellent color, the selection will make the impression that space feels spacious. The application of minimalist space and technical concepts that are combined will produce a picturesque area.

Now we don’t need to be confused anymore to manage the narrow space you have. The possibility to get a large area of land is minimal, so one way is to do creative decoration in a confined space like the 37+ AWESOME NARROW APARTMENT DESIGN IDEAS.

Besides saving costs, in a minimalist apartment, you can directly control and see the damage that occurs from some furniture. This style will minimize unwanted things such as fire and so on.

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