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The bed should be the most comfortable place in the house, especially for the quality of rest and all kinds of other privacy needs. Therefore, decorating a private bedroom is the main point of getting comfort and good quality of rest. Already a variety of platforms provide a variety of interior designs with various types of modes and models of modern and vintage that can add to the comfort of residential dwellings.

By using 70+ inspiring small apartment bedroom decor ideas, it presents a variety of exciting ideas that can be applied for residential and comfortable living, especially for personal needs such as bedrooms. As an example, in the sample image above, that combines color patterns and natural color ornamentation as a basis.

Then use some properties as needed, such as dressing tables and small chandeliers but still seem elegant. Some examples that exist in this platform do provide a description of the dominance of the size of mattresses and beds that are quite large. However, with a large enough scale, it is still convenient to be applied in a space that is not too wide or minimalist industrial style like today’s trend. The use of wood flooring and natural color wallpapers with less prominent motifs will make your night more comfortable.

Then by using a medium size carpet is also enough to make the impression of the room look more spacious and warm. The use of frameless Glass as above gives the impact of a large indoor wall. Glass without a frame with a size large enough to provide a relief reflection of space, although basically what is available, is a typical minimalist room.

The addition of double-sided curtains in a window that is quite minimalist will also add an elegant impression in a room. Then the most important thing is the laying of plant ornaments, which gives the idea of fresh and crisp air circulation in the room. Besides, the addition of plants can increase oxygen production in the place.

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